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5 Star Review for Painted Black

I just received notice from my publisher that Painted Black received a 5 star review on The To Be Read Pile.

It’s also been entered in their book of the month contest.  Wish me luck!

“This was one of those books where you start reading and before you can even blink you are almost done with it. I was so caught up with the characters of this book. “

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Reviews Are In!

Good things happen in twos apparently, not three, unless a third thing is still to come. Two reviews came in today that make me so giddy I’m having a hard time concentrating on any writing.

Not only did the reviewers like the book, but each includes comments that show BOTH of my goals seem to be reached:  1) entertain with a riveting story, and even more importantly, 2) make people think twice about that homeless kids they pass on the street.  Plus, Darian Wilk is offering two free copies of Painted Black in her contest.

“Disconcerting. Painted Black hits you below the belt. Street kids, hustling, poverty, drugs, child abuse … and all this happening in a developed country. We always knew they existed. Yet somehow these things have always come to be associated with the third world. This is where Painted Black scores. The characters may be fictional but the backdrop is real and their travails present us the dark side of urban America.  Kudos to author Deb Borys for weaving an edge-of-the-seat story around such sordidness. Very real characters, a fast pace, pithy dialogs”

via Amazon.com: Painted Black (9781614690061): Debra R Borys: Books.

The idea of a mystery like this is one I’ve yet to come by as a reader – someone stealing corpses for sex? But mystery aside, you cannot ignore the surreal and riveting aspect of the young homeless kids on the streets. It’s written on such a personal level, you see their young faces, doing things that only come alive in our nightmares. But that is their lives. It’s heartbreaking really, and will make anyone think twice about who the kid is hiding under the viaduct you pass.

via Book Review and Giveaway: Painted Black by Debra R. Borys ~ Darian Wilk.