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Small Press Dances with Elephants

The publisher of Painted Black, New Libri Press, just started a new blog.  I hope they continue posting great articles like the one below.

A small publisher is part of your support network, but only a part. Whether you self-publish, or go with a publisher, you will be doing a lot of work, for a LONG TIME. Agents, editors, and publishers know this. This is part of what they look for with an author. Yes, we would love to find the next super star (where is that luck?), but we know we can bank on long term relationships, long term work, someone committed to the craft and to growing.

via Small Press Dances with Elephants: Self-Publishing is TOO Easy.

Helen Ross Writes About Painted Black

Helen Ross is a children’s author and blogger who is doing her part to support independent authors and small presses on her blog Helen Ross Writes.  As part of that, she interviewed me about my path to publishing which includes a few tidbits about the evolution of Painted Black and my publisher New Libri Press.  She also posted an interview with New Libri author Acacia Awai last week about her YA novel Scales.

Click the link at the end of the excerpt below to read the whole article and find out more about Painted Black’s creation.

Painted Black has gone through several major revisions and was put away in a drawer several times thinking that was it.  I belonged to a  writers’ group for eleven years during that process and their input was invaluable to me.  I honestly don’t think it would be this good without them, which is why I give them a special thanks in the book.  The book also benefited from my growth as a writer thanks to books I’ve read on writing, to conferences I attended, to the simple act of writing, writing, writing.  Finally, my publishers at New Libri had excellent suggestions for ways to improve the commerciality of it without compromising my voice or the feel of the book.

via http://misshelenwrites.wordpress.com/2012/03/29/chatting-with-debra-borys-author-of-painted-black/

Author Spotlight no.61

Morgen Bailey did a beautiful job with the Author Spotlight she posted about Painted Black.  Her site has a lot of other interesting interviews and lots of other writer/reader goodness.

Check her out: Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog

“The characters in Painted Black know how true that is. The victim in the novel, Lexie Green, was kicked out of her home when she was 12 because her mother caught her boyfriend molesting her and blamed the little girl instead of the drunk man. One of my main characters, Chris, ran away from home because they lived in such poverty he felt he was just a burden to his single-parent mother who was working two jobs and had two small children to care for. He calls his mother every once in a while to tell her he’s okay, but because she never asks him to come home she validates that she doesn’t care about him.

The street kids I write about are examples of what you call “throw away youth’” kids who were either kicked out or ran away because life at home was so terrible anything seems better than what they left behind. When there is no one who cares where you are or what happens to you, you end up treated like garbage someone just tossed out on the curb.”

via Author Spotlight no.61 – Debra Borys « Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog.