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Sharing Their Stories

V.S. Grenier from Families Matter gave me a chance to do a guest post at their site.  In it I offer suggestions for alternate ways to respond to a homeless person who asks you for money.  I’ll be doing a podcast interview with Family Matters in May or June and will post the date once it’s confirmed.

The most important thing to do when confronted by a homeless person is to NOT jump to conclusions. Keep in mind that the person in front of you is a PERSON first, just like you. Unless you know a person’s whole story, you should never pass judgment on how they are living their lives.

via SFC Blog: Families Matter: Guest Post: Sharing Their Stories by Debra R. Borys.

Fiction Is Reality

Painted Black is fiction.  Or is it?  In it I tried, as all writers do, to create a world as real as the one we walk around in all the time.  For Painted Black, I tried to reflect what it actually feels like to be homeless on the streets.  Because once a person experiences that, their misconceptions about the kind of people they meet there undergoes major change for the better.

It is sometimes difficult to tell which comes first, the reality or the fiction. I moved to Chicago from small town Illinois specifically with the idea in mind of having an opportunity to volunteer with the homeless. I know I had already begun writing my Jo Sullivan series before the move, but can’t remember now when I decided to center each book around the life of a homeless character. Does the writer write what she dreams and then find herself living it, or does the act of writing spark change in the life of the writer?

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