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Painted Black Featured on Writer’s Block Party

I continue to find ways to spread the word about Painted Black. Today Lisa Taylor featured Painted Black on The Writer’s Block Party, posting a summary, review snippets, and an excerpt of the novel.

If you haven’t already read the book, click this link to read a summary and meet Lexie Green for the first time.

She let Keisha do most of the talking as Jo drove. The night view going north along Lake Shore Drive always drew her eye. The dark distance across the water to her right, the city lights like stars on a geometric horizon ahead. Energizing. Intriguing. Inviting.

Finding a parking space vented the rest of Jo’s anger. She could even grin as she gave a driver the finger for nosing out too far in the walkway they had to cross. He responded with a bored flip of his own.

Then she noticed Keisha had stopped. She was staring at something across Broadway.

“What’s up?”

Street lights washed out the blink of green neon from the Hotel Chateau. Most of the windows had drapes drawn closed; half of them hung crooked on their rods. Near the entrance stood a young woman, hands in the pockets of a short jacket with the collar turned up. When the girl noticed them, she hurried around the corner.

“Lexie,” Keisha called and headed after her. Jo followed. “Alexis, I know it’s you. Quit trying to get away.” To Jo, she added, “She’s just a kid.” ….read more

via Book Feature – “Painted Black” by Debra R. Borys | Writer’s Block Party!.