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Podcast Interview This Thursday

I wanted to post a reminder than I will be doing a Blogtalk Radio Interview this Thursday at Artists, Designers and Things, Oh My!

There has also been a LAST MINUTE CHANGE to the time so if you want to catch the broadcast live, please change your plans accordingly.  If you are not able to listen live, don’t worry.  I’ll post a link to the archived interview here later this week.

Hope to catch you Thursday!

Thursday June 14 – 8 pm EST | 7 pm CST | 5 pm PST
Please note new time

Artists, Designers and Things, Oh My!
Moderator:  Joanne Mathis
This show interviews artists, actors, writers, and others who are passionate about what they do.

And, coming soon:

Friday June 22 – 10 pm EST | 9 pm CST | 7 pm PST
Ramblings of a Mad Southern Woman
Moderators: Ashley Fontainne and Bennett Pomerantz
The show is dedicated to Indie authors worldwide from all types of genres.

Wednesday June 27 – 6 pm EST | 5 pm CST | 3 pm PST
World of Ink’s Family Matters
Moderator: V.S. Grenier
This show will focus on the issue of homelessness and how families, children and youth are victims of this issue in today’s economic times.

Cities of the Mind Interview

Connor Rickett from Cities of the Mind uses Google docs to do his author interviews. Usually the interviewer emails me a list of questions and I just answer them and return the document. Connor creates a Google document with one question on it and shares the document with the interviewee. Once I’m done answering that question, he asks another prompted by my response which I answer, then we go back and forth until the interview is complete. I think his method produces a nice give and take kind of feel, almost like doing a live interview. Click the link below to read the whole interview and let me know if you think so, too.

You say Painted Black draws on your own experiences working with the homeless community. How so? I imagine–and certainly hope–that you didn’t encounter too many freeze dried corpses in your volunteer efforts?

No, thankfully I did not. I did however, first read about the process of freeze drying bodies when I was in Chicago–at Ragdale House, an artist’s retreat in Lake Forest. I was there writing the first novel in the Jo Sullivan series, Teach Your Children Well. That book did not get published, though it could come back someday as a prequel.

via » Interview with Debra R. Borys » Cities of the Mind.

Radio Interview at WiseBearBooks

I had a great interview today at Wise Bear Books with Quinn Barrett.  She was a great host and had some really complimentary things to say about Painted Black.  I am really grateful for the opportunity she gave me to share some insights into what went into the making of the novel.

Thoughtful Reflections: Debra Borys, Cancer Survivor and Author

There are lots of interesting tidbits you can find out about me and Painted Black in this interview also just posted today on Thoughtful Reflections.  Sylvia Ramsey really gave me some thought provoking questions to answer.  Sylvia is a cancer survivor herself and I felt she really understood where I was coming from.  I hope you’ll check out this interview and see who else she has written about.  Some very interesting profiles on this site.

How did you develop the character of your protagonist in this book?

Jo Sullivan was born out of my own metamorphosis of awakening to the wider world. She starts out as this flawed character just trying to get on with her life, dealing (or in reality, not dealing) with her own dark past by toughing it out. Then she has this encounter with a 15 year old prostitute and something about the girl releases this damn of awareness in Jo that she is no longer able to ignore. She starts looking outside herself, really looking at what’s out there, and turns her anger at what’s screwed up in own life into energy to try to right the injustices of others.

via Thoughtful Reflections: Debra Borys, Cancer Survivor and Author Shares Her New Book, Painted Black.

Blogtalk Interview

Check out my first interview about Painted Black.  John Blyk gives me an opportunity to talk about the book and the reason it’s message is so important to me.

There is a technical glitch in the middle where it cuts out for a few seconds, but other than that I don’t think I embarrassed myself too much.

WordPress won’t let me embed the file, but the link below will take you to the website.

Youth Homelessness 01/08 by John H Byk | Blog Talk Radio.