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New Libri Press
Media Contact| Stasa Fritz || 206.204.9497

Painted Black| epub ISBN 978-1-61469-000-9 |$7.45

New Libri Press announces publication of the suspense novel Painted Black by debut author Debra R. Borys in epub and Kindle versions.
Trade paperback coming Spring 2012.

Painted Back twists the reality of Chicago’s homeless community with murder, corporate greed, and a bizarre collection of freeze-dried corpses.

A homeless man in a glass coffin, that’s all Jo Sullivan was looking for, some new material for her column in Winds of Change, a weekly rag willing to dust the dirt off the seamier side of Chicago.  But after she nearly turns a street kid into a hood ornament, the tip dropped by a fifteen year old prostitute starts to look more like a front page two inch headline.  When the young girl disappears, her friend Chris hints of a room filled with corpses on display like an exhibit at a wax museum, and Jo and Chris team up to uncover the truth behind Sloan and Whiteside’s funeral home.

10% of the author profits will be donated to homeless services, including The Night Ministry in Chicago, in appreciation for the work they do in helping the homeless. Ms Borys encourages anyone who reads her books to also support any program working to eliminate homelessness.


Former Chicagoan DEBRA R. BORYS is the author of suspense novel Painted Black and is a freelance writer who spent eight years volunteering with homeless on the streets of both Chicago and Seattle.  She is currently working on a second novel in the Jo Sullivan series which reflects the reality of throw away youth striving to survive.

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