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Bombing Seattle

Seattle Weekly’s Artopia

Seattle Weekly’s Artopia is about “Innovative Art. Emerging Talent.” PLUS, its free. Watch for it in the Georgetown neighborhood next summer. Graffiti artist featured in this video: Bald Man Watching You can view more of his work at: Thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon for donating the trailer of one of their delivery trucks to this artistic cause. Its back out making deliveries so you just might find yourself in the lane next to it… Shot for the Seattle Weekly by Laurie Pearman

I’m Asking For It

It’s time to buff up the place.  Live up to my About Me statement below:

Chicago, freeze-dried bodies, kids sleeping on the streets. That’s what this blog is about. What’s what my novel is about. Dark urban graffiti, hard rock music and doing what you gotta do to survive.

I’d love to fill this site end-to-end with throw-ups and tags that make it as representative of the streets as Painted Black is.  So I’m asking for your help.  Send me your one liners and murals.  Snap that back-to-back on your neighborhood wall and send the pics to me.  Help me dress up the entire site by suggesting post topics, widget titles and YouTube vids.

Show me how cool you are by burning how uncool I am.

Hang your skateboard up over there on the wall a sec and snap some fat caps on some cannons.  Let’s bomb this place.

New Homeless Youth Statistics

What jobs are available to youth on the street?  Minimum wage jobs for the most part.  At that rate, it takes 70 hours a week just to pay for an apartment in this economy, and that doesn’t even pay for the food they need to keep themselves healthy enough to be able to work those long hours.

Invisible People TV

An opportunity to learn and help at the same time.


I need your help to continue telling these stories and reaching out into the streets, under the bridges, park benches, shelters and tent cities — in two months on the road we have been able to see huge results!

via – Razoo.