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Cities of the Mind Interview

Connor Rickett from Cities of the Mind uses Google docs to do his author interviews. Usually the interviewer emails me a list of questions and I just answer them and return the document. Connor creates a Google document with one question on it and shares the document with the interviewee. Once I’m done answering that question, he asks another prompted by my response which I answer, then we go back and forth until the interview is complete. I think his method produces a nice give and take kind of feel, almost like doing a live interview. Click the link below to read the whole interview and let me know if you think so, too.

You say Painted Black draws on your own experiences working with the homeless community. How so? I imagine–and certainly hope–that you didn’t encounter too many freeze dried corpses in your volunteer efforts?

No, thankfully I did not. I did however, first read about the process of freeze drying bodies when I was in Chicago–at Ragdale House, an artist’s retreat in Lake Forest. I was there writing the first novel in the Jo Sullivan series, Teach Your Children Well. That book did not get published, though it could come back someday as a prequel.

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Helen Ross Writes About Painted Black

Helen Ross is a children’s author and blogger who is doing her part to support independent authors and small presses on her blog Helen Ross Writes.  As part of that, she interviewed me about my path to publishing which includes a few tidbits about the evolution of Painted Black and my publisher New Libri Press.  She also posted an interview with New Libri author Acacia Awai last week about her YA novel Scales.

Click the link at the end of the excerpt below to read the whole article and find out more about Painted Black’s creation.

Painted Black has gone through several major revisions and was put away in a drawer several times thinking that was it.  I belonged to a  writers’ group for eleven years during that process and their input was invaluable to me.  I honestly don’t think it would be this good without them, which is why I give them a special thanks in the book.  The book also benefited from my growth as a writer thanks to books I’ve read on writing, to conferences I attended, to the simple act of writing, writing, writing.  Finally, my publishers at New Libri had excellent suggestions for ways to improve the commerciality of it without compromising my voice or the feel of the book.


Radio Interview at WiseBearBooks

I had a great interview today at Wise Bear Books with Quinn Barrett.  She was a great host and had some really complimentary things to say about Painted Black.  I am really grateful for the opportunity she gave me to share some insights into what went into the making of the novel.

Q&A with Shelagh Watkins

This opportunity happened so quickly there wasn’t time to give anyone an advance heads up.  She has a variety of interesting authors highlighted on her site so after you take a peek at what I had to say, I suggested browsing a bit to see what else she has to offer.

The original idea for the Painted Black suspense plot came from a news article I read years ago in the Chicago Tribune. It was about a new method of preservation being used by taxidermists who freeze dried people’s pets to produce lifelike replicas that would last indefinitely. One person they interviewed stated that freeze drying could be used on people as well, and compared the process to cooking pizzas in an oven. He sounded so bizarre and unconcerned about it. In my research, I actually found an article in a mortuary magazine about a firm that did preserve a man in this manner.

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Thoughtful Reflections: Debra Borys, Cancer Survivor and Author

There are lots of interesting tidbits you can find out about me and Painted Black in this interview also just posted today on Thoughtful Reflections.  Sylvia Ramsey really gave me some thought provoking questions to answer.  Sylvia is a cancer survivor herself and I felt she really understood where I was coming from.  I hope you’ll check out this interview and see who else she has written about.  Some very interesting profiles on this site.

How did you develop the character of your protagonist in this book?

Jo Sullivan was born out of my own metamorphosis of awakening to the wider world. She starts out as this flawed character just trying to get on with her life, dealing (or in reality, not dealing) with her own dark past by toughing it out. Then she has this encounter with a 15 year old prostitute and something about the girl releases this damn of awareness in Jo that she is no longer able to ignore. She starts looking outside herself, really looking at what’s out there, and turns her anger at what’s screwed up in own life into energy to try to right the injustices of others.

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