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Author Interview on Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog

MorgenI’d almost forgotten about this interview I did for Morgen Bailey.  Morgen is a prolific writer with a website that offers fresh material daily.  You should check it out.

Most of Morgen’s questions are related to the writing process itself so if you want to see my take on that, here’s a small excerpt from the interview:

Creating main characters usually just happens–I often have a character in mind before I really know what their story is.  If a name doesn’t just come to me, I might go to a baby book, but that’s only if I’m really stuck or need a name for a less important character.  For developing and keeping track of those characters, I find some kind of form helps–one where you fill in things like hair color, strengths and weaknesses, what kind of car they drive, etc.  For more in-depth characterization I like free writing in a notebook about them.  My most successful attempts have been when I did the free writing from the character’s point of view talking about themselves and their thoughts and backgrounds.

from Author Interview No. 597

Princeton Library Readings

All four videos from my reading are now uploaded to YouTube.  Here are the links below.  I hope you enjoy.

These are my opening comments, talking about writing the book and my work with homeless youth.

This is the first reading I did from Chapter 2 where Jo meets Lexie for the first time.

This reading is from Chapter 8.  Jo discovers a homeless man in a glass coffin.

This final reading is from Chapter 19 where Jo meets Chris, the street kid who helps her discover what happened to Lexie.

Miss the Princeton Library Event?

Well if you did, they are posting three videos of my reading.  The first two are below.  I’ll post the third as soon as they get it up there.

In Part 1 I talk about myself, why I write and the inspiration behind Painted Black.

In Part 2 I tell you where I got the idea for the plot and read a scene that illustrates my point.

November Book Signings

I am happy to be able to visit a few places in my hometown area in Illinois at the beginning of November.  Here are a couple of events that I have lined up already

Thursday, November 1, 2012

6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

The Princeton Public Library

698 East Peru Street, Princeton, Illinois 61356

Come join me as I visit my old stomping grounds in Princeton Illinois. I will be reading from Painted Black and talking a bit about the inspiration for the story. There will also be a chance to buy books and get them signed. I look forward to seeing everyone!

via Book Signing at the Princeton Public Library

Friday, November 9, 2012

5:00pm until 7:00pm in PST

820 La Salle St Ottawa IL 61350

The Book Mouse is the lone bookstore standing in my hometown area around LaSalle Illinois. Come help me celebrate its existence by attending a reading and book signing during their annual holiday Open House.

via Book Signing at the Book Mouse bookstore.

Interview at Mysterious Writers

I hope you will visit Jean Henry Mead’s blog at Mysterious Writers and read what we talked about in our interview.  We talk about Painted Black, writing, and the next Street Stories novel, Bend Me, Shape Me.

Here’s one of the unique questions I answered:

Which three inanimate objects would you save in case of a fire or other natural disaster?

My laptop, my external hard drive, and my purse. Hopefully I’ve put my wallet in my purse before the fire started. All very practical, I know, and I would truly mourn any personal mementos that were left behind and destroyed but my words could never be rewritten in quite the same way again (I know because I’ve lost files and never could rewrite to my satisfaction again). Plus almost all my pictures are digitized so I’m saving memories as well. And with cash, credit cards and ID available, that would be one less hassle I would have to worry about as I piece my life together.

via Interview at Mysterious Writers.