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Book of the Month Finalist!

Painted Black is one of the picks for the Reader’s Choice awards at TBR Books! YOU can help me win! I’ve never been lucky, so I’m counting on all my friends and family to lend me some of their luck—-and votes! Cast your vote at  The To Be Read Pile – Home.

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Meet Snow Ramirez

Photo by Judge Randhawa

Painted Black’s protagonist, Jo Sullivan, has been a busy little reporter since she filed her completed story on Chris and Lexie.

Meet Snow Ramirez, the bi-polar street kid about to turn 18.  She’s convinced that psychiatrist Mordechai Levinson is responsible for one kid’s suicide, and may be targeting her brother Alley as his next victim.  Once again, Jo finds herself the only person willing to listen to one of Chicago’s throwaway youth.

A stray dog looked up from a pile of trash when Snow passed, ready to run if he had to.  She crossed California to the alley behind a half demolished building.  A dumpster sat, half filled with rubble from the destruction, and there was a spot between it and the wall where the ground was still dry.  Snow pushed her way in, butt first, using her backpack as a cushion.  Wind kicked up the light snow around the building.

Squatting with her arms tight around her legs and forehead pressed to her knees, Snow rocked on the balls of her feet.  To the south, the hum of traffic along the Eisenhower  Expressway. Nearer, beneath the dumpster, the scurry of rats looking for supper.  That feeling in her center, the one she couldn’t describe except to say when she was a kid she thought it meant she was going to die, tightened her chest, filled her mouth, made it hard to breathe.

“You must learn to trust,” the shrink had told her. “You must learn who to trust. Your brother is learning that, even if you can’t.”

Watch for Bend Me, Shape Me coming in 2013.

Small Press Dances with Elephants

The publisher of Painted Black, New Libri Press, just started a new blog.  I hope they continue posting great articles like the one below.

A small publisher is part of your support network, but only a part. Whether you self-publish, or go with a publisher, you will be doing a lot of work, for a LONG TIME. Agents, editors, and publishers know this. This is part of what they look for with an author. Yes, we would love to find the next super star (where is that luck?), but we know we can bank on long term relationships, long term work, someone committed to the craft and to growing.

via Small Press Dances with Elephants: Self-Publishing is TOO Easy.

Win a Free Copy


WIN a free copy of Painted Black at Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews.

All you have to do, is click here to post a comment on Jo Sullivan’s  interview.



This is no April Fool’s joke either.  Two copies will be awarded, one ebook and one print book.  The character interview reveals more about Jo and her motivations, as well.  Here’s a look at one of her answers:

Tell us how you became a journalist and what you like about your job with Winds of Change?

When I was about five or so, my dad took me to the newspaper office where he worked in Des Moines, Iowa. It was a small paper and this was before the industry got so high tech. There was chaos and the smell of ink all around me. Or maybe I couldn’t really smell ink, but when I go back in my memory it always seems like I could. There was this high level of energy at all the desks, people talking on the phones and calling to each other across the room. Some little kids
might have been scared by it all, but it just made me happy. Or maybe hyper would be a better word. That was the first time I knew I wanted to do that when I grew up.

via Laurie’s Non-paranormal Thoughts and Reviews: Painted Black by Deb Borys: Character Interview & Excerpt.

Trade Paperback Available

Barnes and Noble already shows Painted Black available for pre-order.  Order online or at your favorite B&N store today!!

Pre-order or get it on e-book

BARNES & NOBLE | Painted Black by Debra R. Borys, New Libri Press | NOOK Book (eBook), Paperback.

via Paperback Available for Pre-sale at BARNES & NOBLE.