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Painted Black on BookPulse

Pretty cool.  BookPulse is a company that offers a Facebook app that adds  info about your book to your Facebook page, including buy links, excerpts and quizzes.  Now they have taken that Facebook info and put it on a separate website so that it’s easy to see even for people who don’t use Facebook.

If you haven’t already seen this on  my Painted Black Facebook page, try visiting


via Painted Black on BookPulse.

Youth Homelessness on NPR

I found a link to this interview on Twitter.  Everything that’s said has proven so true in my experience as well.  I hope I conveyed the reality of homeless youth in my novel Painted Black as well as Kevin Ryan does in his non-fiction book Almost Home.  Click on the Listen link when you get to the page.

A look at youth homelessness across the United States, and why growing numbers of teens are ending up alone on the streets. Diane and guests discuss efforts to provide them shelter — and a future.

Guests – Youth Homelessness Across The Nation

Kevin Ryan, president and CEO of Covenant House International.

“Paulie Smith” former homeless youth profiled in “Almost Home.”

Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, N.J.

via Youth Homelessness Across The Nation | The Diane Rehm Show from WAMU and NPR.

Jo’s Next Move

If you’ve already read Painted Black, you might be wondering what Jo Sullivan is up to now that she’s done with freeze-dried corpses and homeless Scottish heirs in glass coffins.  Well, she’s found another street kid who needs her help as much as Chris and Lexie did.

Bi-polar Snow Ramirez  is convinced that psychiatrist Mordecai Levinson is responsible for one kid’s suicide, and may be targeting her brother Alley as his next victim.  Once again, Jo finds herself the only person willing to listen to one of Chicago’s throwaway youth.

Is she delusional and paranoid, or is her psychiatrist really turning teens into terrorists?

via Bend Me, Shape Me.

Slated for publication in March of 2013.

Visit the Bend Me, Shape Me website to sign up for notice when the book is released.

Urban Art by Ray Ferrer

If you’re into wall art, known as graffiti to some, check out this site.  Some of the pieces RAY FERRER has posted here would look great on the streets of Chicago.  Or as a cover for my next Street Stories suspense novel.

Hmmm, I wonder if Ray is willing to do commissions on much smaller works of art?

Check out his blog.  Great stuff here.

via New Civil Rights / Freedom Bus Piece…..

Radio Ramblings

Friday will be my first hour-long interview on Blogtalk Radio.  The show is called Ramblings of a Mad Southern Woman and my only hope is that I can find enough interesting things to say for a whole hour without either rambling or sounding mad.

I hope you can join me live, but if not, please check out the archived interview when you get a chance.