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JEF AEROSOL via Les Bains

via JEF AEROSOL – Les Bains – Résidence d’Artistes.

Street Art Goes Indoors

Last friday was the opening of the group show from Ikaroz, SweetUno and Form76 titled “Kick and Throw – Graffiti Show”. We visited the guys and captured a few nice pictures from the working process and of course the final artworks, more pictures after the jump:

The Show took place in the Studio of the ALTE FEUERWACHE in Mannheim, Germany during the recent night of museums… the show was supported by MontanaCans

via Kick and Throw – Graffiti Show in Mannheim | pictures | Montana Blog.



Paint it Black

I see a red wall and I want it painted black.

via . Street art, London

Jo’s Apartment

Ever wonder if the settings you picture when you’re reading a book matches what the author had in mind when it was written?

If the writer has done well, the picture you’re given should be clear to you, or at least never give you details that contradict what you’ve been led to believe.

Here’s a very rough drawing of the layout of Jo’s apartment. I have no space planning experience and this is not drawn to scale.  Just a sketch to give you an idea of what I had in mind as I wrote.

Is it anywhere close to what you pictured?  Does it at least not shatter your perception of what it should be?