Blog Saatchi Gallery: Stellar Street Artists You Should Know

Hyuro   Argentinian-born, currently based in Valencia, Spain

When you live in a city like London, street art is so integrated into the urban milieu that it becomes easy to casually glide past a thought-provoking artwork (that just-so-happened to be seductively created whilst avoiding authorities in the dead of night.)

That is not to say London-dwellers do not appreciate the sparks of colour and wisps of paint, but when wandering more east to areas like Shoreditch or Camden, it becomes strange not to have a piece of well-thought-out hues in your line of sight.

Today – even your second-cousin in Shreveport has heard of Banksy – and the sexy street art scene is now teeming with renegade talent. We hope this blog will rekindle an appreciation for the bandits who paint our city into an even more beautiful juxtaposition of old and new.

Let’s celebrate street art today, in London and abroad:

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