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Painted Black Featured on Commas and Quotations

Thank you to Commas and Quotations for posting the first two chapters of Painted Black on their website yesterday.  This is the second time they have called attention to the Street Stories series since they did the same for Bend Me, Shape Me also recently.

Now Jo understood. Despite Keisha’s often hectic schedule, she found time to volunteer at the Night Moves Center for homeless youth. She identified with them because she almost ended up one of them. Raised on the South Side, struggling financially, only her mother’s love and strong will had saved her.

 Jo studied Lexie in the dim light. She looked half child, half whore. Skin as dark as freshly-turned top soil, hair drawn back, finely curved cheek bones. Her jaw jutted out defiantly. A large man’s hand could have wrapped around her throat with fingers nearly touching thumb.

Young Man doing parkour flip against graffiti wall