Win a Copy of Painted Black

Angie was one of the reviewers of Painted Black when it first came out. She even gave it five-stars.

She is giving away her copy of the PRINT version, so if you want a hard copy in your hot little hand, go to her FACEBOOK page, Like it, then comment about why you think the book sounds FANTASTIC!  Contest runs for the whole of October.  and Yes, I will be mentioning it again, and again, so get ready for a bit of spam for the next four weeks.

What do you see when you think of teens living on the streets of a city?  Do you get angry, compassionate, or think it’s a shame, but not your problem?  Be ready to see these teens in a different way.
In this novel, Borys introduces readers to Jo Sullivan, a reporter who started out just looking for a story, but who finds so much more.  Most especially, she finds Chris Young, a young graffiti artist living on the streets, surviving however he can.  Together they look for the truth, not only about a funeral home, but also about themselves.
“Midnight interviews at funeral parlors – not exactly the way they mapped thing out in Journalism 405: Strategic Communication Research.  But then nothing about Jo’s situation now related to what life had been back then.”
Jo comes to care about Chris, as do readers, with Borys painting a picture of life on the streets of Chicago that will absorb and involve readers as the reality shocks and captures them.

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