Painted Black Rehash: Student Homelessness

To anyone who has thought “Why don’t they just get a job,” I’d like to direct you to this article and CBS news video about kids who are struggling to do just that.

It is unwise to assume that homeless person you see on the sidewalk is simply scrounging off everyone else.  Many of the homeless are actively involved in furthering their education, searching for or participating in transitional programs, and yes, some even actually have jobs.  You try working a part time job for minimum wage and see how much money you have left over for rent after feeding yourself.

Despite the odds, and how it may seem to someone who doesn’t look closely enough, they are working hard to improve their lives.

As the school year begins in a down economy, Illinois educators are bracing for another rise in the number of homeless students.Last year, 35,619 Illinois students were homeless — up more than 1,800 students from the previous year and continuing a disturbing three-year trend.

via Student Homelessness On The Rise « CBS Chicago.

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