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Princeton Library Readings

All four videos from my reading are now uploaded to YouTube.  Here are the links below.  I hope you enjoy.

These are my opening comments, talking about writing the book and my work with homeless youth.

This is the first reading I did from Chapter 2 where Jo meets Lexie for the first time.

This reading is from Chapter 8.  Jo discovers a homeless man in a glass coffin.

This final reading is from Chapter 19 where Jo meets Chris, the street kid who helps her discover what happened to Lexie.

Youth Homelessness on NPR

I found a link to this interview on Twitter.  Everything that’s said has proven so true in my experience as well.  I hope I conveyed the reality of homeless youth in my novel Painted Black as well as Kevin Ryan does in his non-fiction book Almost Home.  Click on the Listen link when you get to the page.

A look at youth homelessness across the United States, and why growing numbers of teens are ending up alone on the streets. Diane and guests discuss efforts to provide them shelter — and a future.

Guests – Youth Homelessness Across The Nation

Kevin Ryan, president and CEO of Covenant House International.

“Paulie Smith” former homeless youth profiled in “Almost Home.”

Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, N.J.

via Youth Homelessness Across The Nation | The Diane Rehm Show from WAMU and NPR.

Miss the Princeton Library Event?

Well if you did, they are posting three videos of my reading.  The first two are below.  I’ll post the third as soon as they get it up there.

In Part 1 I talk about myself, why I write and the inspiration behind Painted Black.

In Part 2 I tell you where I got the idea for the plot and read a scene that illustrates my point.