I can imagine Chris from Painted Black as a young boy, sitting in front of his house drawing on the sidewalk with chalk while waiting for his mother to come home exhausted from her second shift. Maybe chalk really is a gateway art supply.

Debra R. Borys

One of the main characters in Painted Black is a graffiti artist and perhaps because of this I admit to having a tolerance and, in some cases, even a fondness for graffiti.

When is art art and when is it vandalism?  Can it be both?  I know only a little about the graffiti culture, but I do know there is a difference between tagging (marking your symbol/initials) and burning (a large, elaborate painting, usually applied legally.)  Just as there is a difference between free speech and vandalizing property.  If I see either painted on fences and walls in my neighborhood it doesn’t bother me at all and may even, if well done, be admired.

The article below further blurs the lines between what is legal and illegal when the “graffiti” in question is applied with the easily washable application of sidewalk chalk.  The article primarily talks about chalking protest symbols…

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