Another 4 Star Review on Amazon

4 star reviewJames Ewing, author of the soon to be published crime comedy novel FRESH SQUEEZED, just posted a four star review of Painted Black on Amazon.  I love what he has to say, especially the part about the Kafkaesque villain and “a good story with a wicked twist.”

If you’ve read Painted Black, I encourage you to go to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Goodreads and leave a review.  I’d love to hear everyone’s feedback, both good and bad.  That’s how authors make the next book even better.

Painted Black is the fast-paced story of the nearly invisible people living on the street, and the people who prey on them. Set in Chicago, Painted Black gives a gritty look at the hidden reality of homelessness, and the lengths these pariahs are forced to go to, just to survive. The story follows street-beat reporter Jo Sullivan in her obsessive search for a missing teenage girl. As she uncovers clues to the girl’s whereabouts, Jo comes face-to-face with gutter-level hardcores, social working soft-hearts, and a truly Kafkaesque villain. A good story with a wicked twist, Painted Black is definitely one to read.

via James W Ewing’s review of Painted Black.

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