Hometown Props

I sent off promo packets to some of my hometown news sources, including the columnist Nancy Dinelli-Prill at the News Tribune in LaSalle, Illinois.  Nancy recently did an article about all the books people have called to her attention.  Here’s what she had to say about Painted Black.

The next book that crossed my desk this week comes from Debra R. Borys of Seattle, Wash. “My mother still lives in my hometown of La Salle, Illinois and recently sent me a clipping from your column in the News Tribune. In it, you invite your readers to send you information about books they have written,” she writes.

It seems that our little “help the author” series we do in AgriNews and the Tribune gets around. Debra goes on to say that her book, “Painted Black” is a suspense novel and is about a reporter, Jo Sullivan and her search for a missing street kid. The story takes place in Chicago. I was really impressed with the “packet” that was sent with lots of information about the book including a disc that could be loaded in your computer as an electronic version. Very impressive. If you are interested the Ebook and the trade paperback are available both on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, iBookstore.com or ordered from any bookstore.

via Everyone’s writing a book – LaSalle News Tribune – LaSalle, IL.

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