Pre-Review at Cities of the Mind

I was checking out Connor Rickett’s blog Cities of the Mind to see what he’s been up to lately and was surprised to find my name mentioned.  Connor did an author interview with me a while ago and plans to post a review as well.

Even though he hasn’t finished the book yet, he was kind enough to mention me on his recent post linked below.  He did give a hint that he likes at least some things about it, calling it fast-paced, gritty and a page turner.  Or, in his case, I guess it should be called a screen scroller since he’s using his smart phone to read it.

Thanks, Connor, for the mention.  I look forward to hearing the full review when you’re done.

Speaking of the last month, and author interviews (double segue!), I have had Debra R. Borys’ novel Painted Black in my possession for a month, and still don’t have the review ready. Debra has been a good sport so far, and I plan to reward her patience–she’s also been a victim of being the guinea pig on which I test my new “smart” phone’s ebook reading abilities–I am reading it right now, I thought I would have it done today, but it turns out I have no idea how long ebooks are. It’s not like you can hold it in your hand and check what you’ve read against what remains. I thought I had it half done last night, and I was only a quarter of the way through. So the book will be done tonight, but the review up will be next Wednesday. Rather than wait in breathless wonder, check out Debra’s awesome Author Interview, and follow the links there over to her own site. So far Painted Black has been fast-paced, gritty, and a definite page-turner.

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