Homelessness Myth #4

I did GED tutoring with two of the night Ministry youth while I was volunteering.  We would meet at one in the morning after my shift on the bus, or on the weekends at the youth shelter.  Both kids eventually got back on their feet, one returning home to the east coast and one getting into a Job Training program in Joliet.

If you want to see all the myths the Night Ministry is debunking click here to get to their Facebook page where you can also see the comments.

MYTH: Homeless youth don’t care about getting an education – they just want to have fun.

FACT: Homelessness presents many challenges for young adults trying to go to school. It is difficult to put energy and effort toward studying when all of a young person’s energy is focused on finding a safe place to sleep at night. The Night Ministry’s youth shelter programs prioritize connecting youth with educational opportunities. In 2011, 50% of youth in our 120-day Interim Program were employed or attending an educational program at the time that they left the shelter. Additionally, 70% of our young mothers at RAPPP reached their educational goals before leaving the program.

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