Homelessness Myth #3

There was always a nurse on the Night Ministry Bus when I volunteered with them.  And the nurses were kept busy all night long.  We also had materials and information about shelters people could go to or agencies that could help them find temporary housing or search for jobs.  We did our part to promote safe sex as well. with a well stocked supply of condoms, advice on how to use them, and periodic testing opportunities for STDs.

If you want to see all the myths the Night Ministry is debunking click here to get to their Facebook page where you can also see the comments.

MYTH: The Night Ministry is like a mobile soup kitchen – it just gives free food and handouts to the homeless.

FACT: Often, the homeless and precariously housed are forced to choose between food, housing, and medical care. The Night Ministry relieves clients from having to choose between these basic needs. In 2011, in addition to providing 80,000 meals to clients, our Health Outreach Program provided 1,551 health assessments, 722 HIV tests, and 274 acute medical treatments.

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