Homelessness Myth #1

So the Night Ministry is debunking myths about homelessness this week on its Facebook page that I think would be cool to share here.  I’m a day behind on this–they started Tuesday–so if you want to get the scoop directly from there click here to get to their Facebook page where you can also see the comments which are interesting as well.

I can attest to the fact below, having taught a writing workshop when I volunteered for their youth shelter.  People may think feeding them sandwiches is just making it easier for the kids to stay on the streets, but what it really does is promote trust so that you can move on to providing much more than food and services.

MYTH: Social service agencies such as The Night Ministry teach homeless individuals how to “live off the system,” not how to live independent of welfare and other state-provided funds.

FACT: Our staff works hard to connect clients to job training and educational programs, which ultimately lead to an independent life. Youth at The Night Ministry’s shelter programs participate in life skill groups that help teach them the skills necessary to live independent, successful lives. These groups include classes on cooking, parenting, resume writing and job skills, financial literacy, and healthy relationships. When youth leave our programs, our aftercare workers maintain relationships with them to help guide them to an independent life.

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