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Art Imitates Life

In Painted Black, Philip Quinlan treats the homeless like commodities, less important than lab rats.  Even the police have more important things to do than worry about a missing street kid.

In real life, it’s sometimes not much different.  In California, a serial killer appears to be choosing victims simply because they are homeless.  If no one cares about you, if people don’t even notice you, or wish you weren’t there even if they do notice you, you’re an easy target.

Two of the killings took place at night and one in the late afternoon.No motive has been determined, and investigators have found no connection among the victims beyond their homelessness.

via Police warning Southern California homeless people about serial killer after 3 men found dead – The Washington Post.

Now on the Nook

Finally, for those of you who don’t own a Kindle, PAINTED BLACK is now available at Barnes & Noble as an epub download!

I am told if you download it in unprotected format from B&N, you can read it on any ereader or app that reads epub files, such as Kobo, Sony and even the iPhone.  If you do use it on something other than the Nook and run into problems reading it, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help.

Next step:  Trade Paperback available Spring 2012!

BARNES & NOBLE | Painted Black by Debra Borys, New Libri Press | NOOK Book (eBook).