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Another Author Interview!

Wow, two author interviews in one day–I am on a role.  This one asked some fun questions–check out the one below and then follow the link to see the whole interview.

When zombies take over the world, where will you be?

I am torn between two options. One is being on the streets of Chicago with some of the street-savvy homeless kids I know that live there now. If anyone would know how to survive an apocalypse, they would. But another part of me would like to be in the deep wilderness of the Canadian Boundary Waters. There’s plenty of natural food and water sources to keep me alive, and it’s so beautiful and peaceful there, even if the zombies did get me, it would just be a short step to heaven from there.

via author showcase Debra R. Borys » Paper Dragon ink.

Kris Wampler Author Interview

Kris Wampler, author of Love Train, has a blog that highlights indie authors, which includes books that were self published or released by small presses.  Which means Painted Black qualifies!

Check out my author interview on the site.  I was also able to talk a little bit about the short stories I published and what I am doing to promote my work.

Debra Borys stays busy with a number of writing projects: from freelancing to writing novels. Having experience working with a start-up press, she gives insight about the amount of promotional work all authors must do, and some of the methods she’s already adopted.

via Debra Borys « Kris Wampler’s Blog.

More info on Kris’s book, Love Train, can be found here.

Russian collects mummifed bodies

I wonder if my character Sidney Cole comes from a Russian background?  If so, I think this article must be about a long lost cousin.

A specialist from Russia’s Nizhny Novgorod was arrested for exhuming bodies from graves on the territory of the region. Police officers found 29 mummified bodies in his apartment.

via Man collects 29 mummified bodies in his apartment – English

Jo Meets Lexie

I hope you enjoy the attached excerpt from Painted Black

“Wait.” The word seemed to rush out of Lexie before she could think. They looked back. “I was wondering if, you know, if you could–” she looked at Jo, then quickly back at Keisha. “Could you buy me something to eat, maybe? I’m awful hungry.”

Jo had a second to picture this half naked child seated at a corner table set with fine linen and Waterford crystal before Keisha said, “How about a burrito?”

Eduardo’s, famous for a clam sauce made from Mediterranean shellfish and extra virgin olive oil, did not serve burritos. Felipe’s Taco and Burrito Place, however, did. As soon as they walked in the door of the little restaurant, they were hit by the smell of greasy meat. Keisha ordered and paid, then they found a booth near the counter to wait for their food.

Blogtalk Interview

Check out my first interview about Painted Black.  John Blyk gives me an opportunity to talk about the book and the reason it’s message is so important to me.

There is a technical glitch in the middle where it cuts out for a few seconds, but other than that I don’t think I embarrassed myself too much.

WordPress won’t let me embed the file, but the link below will take you to the website.

Youth Homelessness 01/08 by John H Byk | Blog Talk Radio.