Help me Pick a Cover

We are getting closer to picking a cover for my novel!!!

Quick, now, don’t over think it.  Which cover below would inspire you to pick up my book in a bookstore and read the blurb/back cover?  Don’t critique what looks good or bad about it, or what needs to be tweaked where.  That will happen once we pick one of them.

Just which peaks your interest the most?

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3 responses to “Help me Pick a Cover

  • dborys

    Thanks for your help! Everyone I heard from, plus everyone my publisher talked to picked the same one. Now he’s going to fine tune. Once he’s done, I’ll update the page so you can see the results. This is getting exciting!

  • Elaine

    The one with the door.

  • efjace

    The second one, with the door. It gives me a little something to run with, does it lead to an underground organization? An illegal nightclub? Does a murder take place there in the book? (Can you tell I have NO IDEA what your book is about lol!) For me, it adds a bit more intrigue.

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