Painted Black Rehash: Paying the Price

In order to prevent being homeless, I moved in with one of my male friends, “Steve.”

Things were going great until he started attempting to have sex with me. I don’t want to tell him no because he has opened his house to me and I would really rather not be homeless.

via Ask Amy advice on finances –

This young man’s letter illustrates one of the many reasons why kids end up on the streets.  Oftentimes it becomes a choice between two bad options.

Amy’s response is also pretty typical of the general public’s.  Instead of offering suggestions for how to deal with the sexually aggressive housemate, she derides the writer for being financial irresponsible which is why his parents kicked him out.

Kids on the streets are often both the instigator of their own situation at the same time they are victims of forces outside their own control.  Why do we so often point an accusatory finger at the individual instead of trying to help him/her overcome the circumstances that are hindering their growth?

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