Get a Job

I don’t get it.  How do people develop such hard hearts?  When I hear people saying things like “Why don’t they get a job?” I can at least put that down to stupidity.  Especially during a time when people WITH homes and easy access to showers and clean clothes and alarm clocks are having a hard time finding jobs.  People who say get a job just plain aren’t thinking.

But then there are people like the guy who posted the comment below, found in an article on how the heat wave is affecting the homeless.  Let him die?  Let him die?  Who raised this person?  What happened to him in his life to make him so dismissive of another human life, a life he knows nothing about?

He makes me want to write a short story.  The plot of the story is this guy in danger for his life somewhere.  Drowning, maybe.  Fallen off the edge of a L platform with a train rushing toward him.  Then a hand reaches out, pulls him to safety.  The hero walks away without waiting for a word of appreciation.  It isn’t till later it is discovered the person who saved him was the homeless guy he calls a worthless individual.  The sad thing is I’m not sure what the ending is.  Will this guy change his tune and start to look at people differently?  Or is his heart too hard to ever open his eyes?  What do you think?

I am sick of these bleeding heart stories. As a taxpayer, I resent that my taxes are being used to fund “services” for these losers. If he doesn’t like the climate, why does he stay here? He has been homeless for his entire adult life…let him die. He is a worthless individual who will continue to expect the rest of us to support him for the rest of his life.

via Heat Wave Especially Hard On The Homeless « CBS Chicago.

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