Peace Table

I found a great blog on called Third Coast/Third World which “embraces global human rights & recognizing Chicago community activists.”  I think you can expect to see a lot of links to them in the future here.  I really appreciate the author’s reality based yet hopeful view of the way things really are.

“Long before Chicago children ever become victims of gangs, drugs, poverty or violence they find themselves the unwitting victims of our assumptions. Those assumptions matter because they are the very tools necessary to dismiss a good kid as a potential problem, or a not so good kid as an unrepentant sociopath. When do they ever get to speak their hearts about what’s going on in the communities around them? What would a corpse in a child-sized coffin, or a pre-pubescent mugshot say if they could speak before they met their ends?”

via Ministers & Youth Search for Answers At Peace Table Amid Summer Shootings | Third Coast/Third World.

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