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I See a Red Door

Red Door · Chicago Pictures Photos and Photographs by Chicago Uncommon.

Chris’s stomping grounds

Belmont El Stop · Chicago Pictures Photos and Photographs by Chicago Uncommon.

Jo’s perspective

Everyone has a dark gaping hole somewhere in their life. Some manage to live with only a toe or two slipping into the depths for awhile. Others dwell there, buried deep, embraced by the darkness. Ever since adolescence, Jo felt like she’d been balancing on the lip of that black hole.

Pets vs People

See page two and three of this Google Book article if you want to see real life lypholization chambers like the ones Sidney Cole uses in Painted Black.

Fact or Fiction?

Mac gets requests frequently for human freeze-drying. Though it’s rarely in hopes of having ‘Aunty Esther’ sitting in a rocker in the living room. Many people are very uncomfortable with the idea that a body decomposes (dirt, worms and the like), so they would like to do everything in their power not to let that happen. Unfortunately, it’s simply too expensive at this point for most people, but Mike is open to it. Plus, ironically, he lives next to a funeral home so he would be able to prepare the body properly (there are detailed preparation laws for humans..).