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Hear Their Voices

Raising Abel: Homeless Youth in Chicago – An audio report. 

This is an excellent audio report and shows exactly why I based my novel in the homeless culture of Chicago. You want to know what it’s like on the streets, listen to this.

Jo’s best friend, Keisha

Keisha earned her living as a model. Most people only saw the perfect, coppery complexion, the fine figure, the stylish clothes. But at that moment, Lexie looked at Keisha the way someone dying of thirst looked at a glass of water.

Mephisto Walz – Painted Black

Keisha’s take on Jack Prescott

“Rumor says he quit a high paying practice to work at the Center, and you can just bet the man’s not getting $100 an hour working for Night Moves, girl…. I’ve seen him wait while someone spits curse words in his face, then he tells the kid to leave the Center, calm as you please. The kid did it, too, mouth shut tight.”

Fact Sheet on Homeless Youth

Fact Sheet on Homeless Youth.

Over the course of a year, approximately 26,000 youth in Illinois, and 15,000 youth in Chicago, experience homelessness. Homeless youth are between the ages of 13 and 21 and primarily have left home or been kicked out because of serious family problems.